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You Are Loved

Wednesday, April 13th at 7:00 PM

(program subject to change) 

Donnie Cianciotto - Can't Take My Eyes Off of Me (by Preston Max Allen)

(he/they)  -  @thedonniecianciotto

Max Crumm - It's Not Easy Being Green (by Joe Raposo)

(they/them)  -  @maxcrumm

Carmen Castillo - Sonya Alone (Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812)

(they/them)  -  @carmenesperanza_

Emily Monus - Gimme, Gimme (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

(she/her)  -  @emileigh23

Imani Russell - Cowboy Song (by Imani Russell)

(they/them)  -  @imanithecowboy

A Word From Judy Kuhn

(she/her)  -  @judykuhnofficial

Hayley St. James - Fix You (by Coldplay)

(they/them)  -  @hades_stjames

Erin Quill - If I Weren't Married And You Weren't Gay (by Gary Adler)

(she/her)  -  @erinquill

Bobbie Lowe - Get Out and Stay Out (9 to 5)

(she/her/zie/hir)  -  @oh_n0_bobbielowe

A Word From Anthony Rapp

(he/him)  -  @albinokid

Nora Schell - Love Is Here To Stay (by George and Ira Gershwin)

(they/them)  -  @noraschellmusic

Alan Gonzalez & Brian Levario - Side Show Medley (Side Show)

(they/them)  -  @aeonalan07

(they/them)  -  @brianlevario

Musical Director: Emily Cohn

(she/her)  -  @emcoslife

Director/Emcee: Donnie Cianciotto

(he/them)  -  @thedonniecianciotto

Stage Manager: Taylor Hollister

(they/them)  -  @taylor_hollister

Photography by Brett Tubbs Photography

(he/him)  -  @bretttubbsphotography

Videographer: Luis Mora

(he/him)  -  @bilingualbroadway

Special Thanks To: 

The Green Room 42


Carmen Castillo, Emily Cohn, Max Crumm, Alan Gonzalez, Taylor Hollister, Judy Kuhn, Brian Levario, Bobbie Lowe, JJ Maley, Emily Monus, Luis Mora, Erin Quill, Anthony Rapp, Imani Russell, Nora Schell, Courter Simmons, Hayley St. James, Lisa Tricarico, Brett Tubbs, Trans Voices Cabaret (@transvoicescabaret)

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