Trans Voices Cabaret


Trans Voices Cabaret CHI is first and foremost a celebration of trans and gender non-conforming musical theater performers.​ Trans Voices Cabaret CHI is the Chicago extension of the hit NYC show, Trans Voices Cabaret. TVCChi is the first home for transgender/gender nonconforming individuals in the Chicago Musical Theatre World, giving performers a space to perform whatever musical theatre song they wish (regardless of initial gender of the character), and in turn showing the marketability of hiring a trans actor in roles of their true gender.

We want to become the home that trans/GNC musical theater artist don't currently have in the Chicago community. We want to provide a space where trans/GNC artists can take the stage cabaret-style and sing whatever musical theatre song that speaks to them, regardless of the initial gender of the role. In turn, we hope that this show provides solace for trans artists, and eventually shows industry professionals and the wider theater community the power and marketability of hiring a trans actor in any role.

A sibling to the NYC location, Trans Voices Cabaret CHI is helmed by Artistic Director, Larry Trice. 

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